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Technobeam LCD Controller  (1998)
High End Systems / Lightwave Research

The LCD Lighting Controller for the Technobeam brings familiar Lightwave Research LCD control architecture to the Technobeam automated luminaire.


  • 16 unique control channels for 16 independently-operating fixtures per controller
  • Each control channel can handle multiple Technobeam, Technopro or Technoray fixtures, if you want them to respond to commands in the same way
  • Remote preset capturing allows you to easily store pages created on the controller in the fixture’s onboard memory
  • Master/Slave capabilities allow you to control an unlimited number of independently-operating fixtures
  • 891 pages (scenes)
  • 9 memories
  • Up to 1024 programmable presets from the front panel through the use of preset banking
  • Up to 1023 programmable presets using an analog controller
  • Up to 99 beam position presets for instant access and updates.
  • Page edit and page copy
  • Memory lock
  • 8 programmable User macro keys
  • Fixture parameter viewing
  • Page time delay
  • Fixture exclusion
  • Individual fixture homing
  • Individual fixture lamp on/off
  • User-selectable submasters
  • Auto advance, audio advance and random advance
Constructs (programmable fixture features):
  • 13 color wheel positions, 255 forward/reverse spin speeds
  • Technobeam, Technoray only: 8 selectable rotating litho wheel positions with 127 forward/reverse position spin speeds, 127 forward/reverse wheel spin speeds
  • Technobeam Laser Aiming Device™ (LAD™) only: turn laser on/off, or modulate from 4.25 times/sec to 255 times/sec
  • Technopro only: 8 selectable color mixing wheel positions with 127 forward/reverse spin speeds
  • Continuous color wheel indexing
  • Scans (shakes) and random position selection on color and litho wheels
  • Synchronized and unsynchronized (random) shutter strobing, color position changes and litho position changes
  • Technobeam only: Adjustable beam position, also 99 beam position presets
  • 4 rotating effects wheel positions, 120 forward/reverse spin speeds
  • Adjustable dim
  • Crossfade
  • Color modulation
  • Litho modulation (Technopro only: litho modulation acts as color mixing wheel modulation, or dual-color wheel modulation when used in conjunction with color modulation)
  • Shutter strobing (synchronized and random)
  • Supports the MIDI Show Control “Go” command
  • Remote page and preset access
  • Audio advance: page advance, page halt, color modulate, litho modulate, dim modulate
  • Remote enable
  • One-touch preset playback of pages or loops
  • Variable-speed page advance
  • Random advance
  • Automatic all-memory playback (all programmed pages)
  • PC Card Type 1 adapter slot for backup and transfer of programs and operating system
  • Professional induction joystick
  • Durable polycarbonate front panel
  • Self-test memory diagnostics
  • Positive feel switches
  • LCD display with adjustable backlight intensity


Technobeam LCD Instructions (1998)
[2.64Mb PDF]

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