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Matrix  (2006)
Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC

Matrix Dimmer Rack

Sine-wave or SCR modular dimming system
Mk.2 System released in 2006. 

ETC's IES Matrix MkII is the result of years of development in entertainment-lighting systems, combined with IES experience in installing low-noise dimmers in leading theatres, concert halls and TV networks. Matrix MkII was created to take advantage of a new generation of technology that allows dimmers of different ratings and styles - such as sine wave - to be mixed in the same installation. The density of the rack supports up to 162 dimmer channels. With space for up to six iSCR or four iSINE dimming channels per module, SineWave modules are available in 3kW, 5kW or 12kW versions, and SCR modules (basic and high spec) are available in 3kW, 5kW and 12kW.
With relay and HMI switch options that are also part of the 'mix-and-match' selection of plug-in, hot-swap dimmer modules, Matrix MkII allows users to tailor their dimming precisely to their power control needs. Matrix MkII is flexible, so no matter what type of load or how many different types of fixtures are used in the same rig, all loads will dim with the same visual curve, thanks to dynamic load sensing which matches dimming curves for high and low wattage loads. Matrix systems encompass the benefits of sine wave dimming, including completely silent lamp filaments and lower running costs. And Matrix MkII offers up to 98% efficiency, so there's little heat and wasted power. Matrix MkII has a web-browser configuration tool for simple and fast configuration changes, and also incorporates ETC's DimSTAT reporting software with dynamic load sensing and curve-correction options and instant diagnosis of dimmer faults.

  • SineWave or SCR dimming 
  • 3kW, 5kW, 12kW rating per channel 
  • Dimmers, relays, or HMI switch modules 
  • 19" modularity, mix-and-match modules 
  • Silence at the lamps

Installation Racks - Mark II:
  • Plug-in, hot-swap dimmer modules
  • Swing-frame install rack for easy install and maintenance
  • Customisable with up to 162 x 3kW or 108 x 5kW dimmers per rack
  • SineWave modules in 4 x 3kW, 4 x 5kW and 1 x 12kW available
  • SCR Basic or Advanced modules available in 6 x 3kW, 4 x 3kW, 2 x 5kW, 4 x 5kW and 1 x 12kW
  • Relay non-dim, HMI switch, and RCD per channel options
  • Mix-and-match module types
  • Dual processing
  • Ethernet and DMX control
  • Architectural control
  • Simple installation
  • DimSTATTM reporting software with dynamic load sensing and curve-correction options
  • Can be fitted to 19” racks
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Matrix Installation Racks

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Matrix Mk.2 Application Sheet (2006)
[259kb PDF]

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