Equipment Detail

G-Type  (1990s - 2005?)
McKenzie Electronics

MIDI and RS232 Control for samplers and outboard sound playback
(From McKenzie Electronics website)

A DOS based theatre sound show control program supporting:

  • Cadac E-type and J-type consoles via serial protocols
  • samplers (such as Akai S6000 etc) via MIDI
  • hard Disk recorders (such as the Akai DR4, DR8 or DR16) via MMC 
  • mini disk players (Denon DN990, DN980) via serial protocols
  • CD players (Denon DN951) via serial protocols 
  • other devices by simple relay closure 

Events can be triggered by

  • the gameport fire button
  • the keyboard 
  • the keypad on Cadac consoles 
  • MIDI timecode 
  • timed follow-on 

Events can be 

  • static events such as CD start, Minidisk cue up, relay closure or pulse 
  • change of Cadac desk state 
  • MIDI sequences 

MIDI sequences can be 

  • recorded from a keyboard or sequencer 
  • imported from a standard MIDI file edited as a list of MIDI events

A IBM compatible PC with:

  • 166MHz 486 or better 
  • MSDOS 6.22 or Novell Dos 7 
  • 16M RAM or more 
  • Roland MPU401 or compatible MIDI card
  • Serial ports with individual IRQs

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