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Source Four LED  (2012)
Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC

Source Four LED Lustr+

Series 1: 2012

Series 2: 2014

  • Lustr+
  • Tungsten
  • Daylight
  • Studio HD
  • Source Four LED Cyc - remove the lens barrel and attach a Source Four LED CYC adapter to produce a cyc flood.

Series 3: March 2021
Available in 2 options

  • Lustr X8 Array - Full colour array, containing a mix of Green, Lime, Blue, Indigo, Cyan, Amber, Red, Deep Red LEDs
  • Daylight HDR Array - Tunable White Light, containing a mix of Deep Red, Red, Mint, Blue, Indigo, Cyan LEDs. 

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Source Four LEDs



LSI ETC Source Four LED v2 (October 2014)
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From Lighting & Sound International

Source Four LED - How it is made
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