Equipment Detail

Berkey Colortran Colortrack  (1979)
Berkey Colortran


32/64/96/128 channel control
1981 - 128 channel version introduced

  • Library storage on 5.25" floppy disk
  • Dual purpose submasters
  • Timed, Auto and Manual Faders
  • Five displays, including Channel Track
  • Channel override
  • Colour monitor (actually a monochrome monitor with 'gels' stuck to the front)

Installed at:
Derby, Playhouse
Leeds, Playhouse
London, Hannover Grand
London, TBA (2 systems)
Oldham, Coliseum
Southsea, Kings
Stratford, Theatre Royal
Stratford On Avon, Royal Shakespeare Theatre (touring?)
Wexford, Theatre Royal
York, Theatre Royal

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