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Patt.743  Strand


1000W Fresnel

Many of these classic lanterns are still in use. To bring them up to date in terms of health and safety, the wiring should be completely replaced, a safety bond should be used between the barndoor and the main lantern, and ideally a microswitch should be used to isolate the power when the front lens is opened. Because of the easy access to live terminals when the lens is opened, this lantern should not be used in schools unless it's been modified to isolate power.

A lensless 1000W Patt.743 was used in the London production of The Lord of the Rings as a backlight (to cast shadows) on the Last Battle sequence. (2006-2008)

Lamp change: Undo screw at the top right of the lens - the lens 'door' will open allowing easy access to the lamp, and to the rear of the lens for cleaning.

Lamp type: T/11 1000W
Colour frame: 215mm square
Beam Angle: 15-65 degrees
Quantity manufactured: Not known.

Original Prices:


  • Jan 1969 (Strand Electric): Patt.223 42/- (Barndoor 4/-)
  • Nov 1974 (AJS Theatre Lights): Patt. 223 £2.50 per week, Patt. 743 £2.75 per week


  • January 1969 (Strand Electric): Patt 223 £17 18s
  • January 1978 (Strand Electric): Patt 743 £60.00 (Barndoor £16)
  • February 1980 (Strand): Patt. 743: £74 (Barndoor £20)

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