Equipment Detail

Patt.237  (1945 - 1957)


Medium or wide angle flood - 60, 100 or 150 Watt
Single flood section from an S Type Batten - usually 150Watt (E27 lamp). 8.5 inch glass reflector.

(From 1954 Factsheet)
Although this flood finds many uses in the professional theatre, it has been designed particularly with the very small stage in view. It is normally fitted with a medium angle "Sunray" glass reflector, which is very suitable for lighting over a distance, for example from No.1 Batten position to the Acting Area, while sufficient direct light is available for lighting the adjacent border. If, however, a controlled beam is required, a cut-off attachment can be fitted to the front colour runners, when the lantern becomes in effect a miniature Acting Area flood.
A wide angle reflector can be fitted as an alternative, where the lantern is required to provide an even spread of light, free of hot spot, for lighting backcloths or for use as a footlight. 

Introduced in 1945, replaced in 1957 by Patt.137


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