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Lighting Equipment credited by Venre Co Ltd in 1929. 
Venreco Ltd provided machinery and electrical equipment to animate the Heath Robinson designed Ideal Home at the Daily Mail Exhibition in 1934. 
A 1935 production credits Electrical Effects by Vanessa Venreco. 
Based at 76 Neal Street, London in 1937.
The Cambridge Theatre (in the same area as their base) used Venreco equipment. 
Venreco is credited with supplying lighting equipment to 'At The Drop Of A Hat' by Flanders and Swann at the Fortune Theatre in 1957. (They're credited as VenrecO Ltd)
The company was liquidated in 1971. 

Venreco had been one of four competitors to Strand Electric's domination of the theatre lighting and engineering world. The other competitors were Major, Furse and Holophane. 

Managing Director in 1931 was Walter S.Veness

Managing Director in 1947 was Mr Jack Woods, who died in December 1965. He joined the firm in 1928. 

One of the directors of Venreco was Alec Lionel Rea, theatrical producer, who died around September 1953. He was previously partnered with Basil Dean as 'Reandean Co', and later as 'Reanco' he founded the Liverpool Repertory Theatre. 

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