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Luci della Ribalta, or LDR as it is known around the world, started business in 1997 with the aim of providing the theatre lighting market with good quality, well designed and affordable products combined with fast, professional and friendly customer service. Within a short time, LDR had established itself as a major international supplier of theatrical and architectural spotlights, profiles, floodlights and followspots.

Based in northern Italy, LDR has its own design and assembly facilities, developing new products and improving existing designs, to maintain its commitment to its commercial partners throughout the world to supply high-performance and stylish luminaires, complemented by a full range of accessories.

LDR is a fast moving and growing company, which provides excellent service to the customer. Now with over 70 luminaires in the range, some including the latest LED technology, LDR offers a choice of plano and pebble convex luminaires, Fresnel luminaires, TH and discharge profiles, floodlights and followspots. LDR can provide a cost-effective solution for every theatre and architectural lighting requirement.

LDR products have been chosen for some of the world's most prestigious entertainment venues including the Oslo Opera House and the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and can be seen on display at all major international live entertainment exhibitions throughout the world.

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