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Based in Italy and founded in 1980, DTS have evolved from a small family company to an industry leader, with three production plants and customers in more than 70 different countries.
1986 Only 6 years after being founded, DTS enter the competitive market of professional lighting, working with some of the biggest companies in the industry.
1993 DTS introduce the first robots on the production line. This visionary step allows the company to gradually achieve full production autonomy.
2006  DTS launch the new DELTA R, the first IP65-rated LED moving head on the market.
2010 DTS' moving heads travel the world illuminating the stages of big tours and shows. The company now owns three production plants, totaling 12,000 square meters and keeps growing.
2013  The DTS family becomes bigger adding new employees and developing a range of new product lines with more focus on design.
2019/2020 While SYNERGY is a huge success in theaters and TV studios, ALCHEMY - the latest product in the DTS family - reaches unparalleled levels of lighting quality.

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