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CTH Electronics Ltd

Dates: November 8th, 1960 - October 27th, 1998
Founder and Managing Director was Carl Trevor Heinlein (CTH)
Based in Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, England, UK
(Information from the Radio Museum)

Carl T. Heinlein was president of the ISCE (Institute of Sound and Communication Engineers) in 1981 when the company was located in St. Ives Hunts.

Manufacturers of BBC-specified radio broadcast mixing desks.
Later production of the consoles was taken over by PYE. 
**Research underway** January 2024

From Studio Sound, Feb 1975
At PA74, Leeds
Roll -out cable drums were exhibited by CTH, the metal formers incorporating recessed XLR sockets. In addition, they displayed a range of small broadcast mic mixers that `were very popular with the BBC'.

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