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Founded in 2003
2006: Introduction of an entire range of MagicQ PC Wings and the Macintosh and Linux versions of MagicQ PC
2007: Launch of the MagicQ Pro Series of consoles
2008: Launch of the MagicQ Execute Wing and MagicQ Media Timeline Features.
2009: MagicQ Pro 2010 consoles are launched
2010: Introduces a new remote control MagicQ application for both the iPhone as well as the Android OS
2012: Released a complete range of advanced compact consoles: MagicQ MQ40, MagicQ MQ60, MagicQ MQ70, MagicQ Extra Wing Compact and MagicQ PC Wing Compact. Added the new inbuilt visualiser to MagicQ software: MagicVis
2013:Introduced the MagicQ Pro 2014 consoles
2015: Update of the MagicQ Compact range introducing the MQ40N and MQ80 consoles
2016: Launch of the MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console
2017:MagicQ MQ500 Stadium console wins Prolight + Sound's PIPA Award for "Best Product of the Year"
ChamSys joins the Chauvet family
2018: Release of a complete range of consoles for smaller lighting systems: QuickQ 10, QuickQ 20, and QuickQ 30
2019: Launch of the new MagicQ MQ70 Compact console

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