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Eclipse  (1983)
Zero 88

Zero 88 Eclipse

Analogue (pre-DMX) combination of manual and memory control. 48 channel / 2 scene with 200 memories (8 faders X 25 pages).
Up to 2 separate effects cartridges could be plugged in to add a range of effects. 

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Zero 88 Eclipse Manual (1985)
[7.1Mb PDF]
From Backstage Heritage Collection

LSI: Guide to Memory Desks (May 1986)
[1.91Mb PDF]
From Lighting & Sound International

Exhibits in the Backstage Heritage Collection

Zero 88 Eclipse Control Desk  
The first Zero88 memory desk
From The NEET Collection

Catalogue & Journal Entries for Eclipse in the Backstage Heritage Collection

Sweet 16 - Zero 88 celebrates its 16th birthday far away from the attic days of its youth (1989)

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