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VL3600 Profile IP  (2022)

VL3600 IP

First batch of 100 delivered to PRG in September 2022

The Vari-Lite VL3600 PROFILE IP is a large-scale, high output production profile fixture designed to withstand inclement weather without compromising on weight and size. Designed at the forefront of lightweight IP technology, the VL3600 PROFILE IP uses advancements in mechanical design to ensure that even with an IP65 weatherproof rating, the weight and size remain closer to an IP20 (non-weatherproof) fixture. With a 1000W monochromatic light engine producing 85,000 source lumens and an efficient optics system delivering 45,000 lumens out of the front of the fixture, the VL3600’s huge output power is ready to light the show from any distance in any weather. A dedicated color wheel loaded CRI boost and color correction filters ensure colors renders beautifully on stage or on camera. Thanks to a CMY+CTO color wheel mixing system, the fixture produces a wide range of rich colors while eliminating the appearance of blades in the lens, improving direct view applications.


LSI: Technical Focus VL3600 (February 2023)
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