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VL4000  (2014)


VL4000 Spot (2014)
VL4000 BeamWash (2015)

VL4000 Spot:

VL4000 Beamwash:
Producing 43,000 lumens in Standard mode (35,000 Studio mode), the VL4000 BeamWash uses a Philips 1200W lamp to provide incredible point-of-source imagery through its single 10 inch front lens. When used in Wash mode, the luminaire provides a 10 to 60 degree zoom range. By simply adjusting a DMX value, the VL4000 BeamWash can shift to an intense Beam luminaire with an amazing 4 to 40 degree beam angle, or a Shaft fixture for a powerful, collimated ray of light where the 4 degree beam angle can be further reduced to near zero.


On Test: VL4000 (September 2015)
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