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TSE Series  (1985)

TurboSound TSE Series

From Lighting & Sound International, November 1985
Ingegrated series of sound reinforcement enclosures. 
3 separate units: 
TSE-11 - 2 way line array design enclosure containing a 10" midrange driver made to own specification and loaded with a patented TurboMid device, and a modified 1" high frequency driver loaded with a proprietary flare. It is designed to be used with an electronic crossover set at 250Hz. 
Dimensions: 498mm x 450mm x 480mm
Weight: 61.73lbs (28kg)
Crossover point: 250Hz
Frequency response: 250-17,000 Hz +/- 3dB
Dispersion: 70 degrees H x 60 degrees V at =6dB points
Sensitivity: 106dB 1 watt / 1 meter (average); 109dB 1 watt/1 meter (peak)
Maximum SPL: 126dB (continuous); 135dB (peak)
Power handling: 150 Watts RMS, 300 Watts Program; 16 ohms

TSE-118 is a Bass enclosure fitted with a custom-designed 18" bass driver loaded with a patented TurboBass device. 
Dimension: 683mm x 500mm x 717mm
Weight: 88.74lbs (40.25kg)
Frequency response: 45 - 350 Hz
Sensitivity: 104dB 1watt/1meter (average); 107dB 1watt/1meter (peak)
Power handling: 300 Watts RMS, 600 Watts Program; 8 ohms

TSE-218 is a Bass enclosure fitted with two custom-designed 18" bass drivers both loaded with a patented TurboBass device.
Dimensions: 683mm x 965mm x 717mm
Weight: 165lbs (80kg)
Frequency response: 45 - 350 Hz
Sensitivity: 107dB 1watt/1meter (average); 110dB 1watt/1meter (peak)
Power handling: 600 Watts RMS, 1200 Watts Program; 4 ohms

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