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Series PM  (1972?)
Thorn Lighting

Plugmatrix grouping system 2PM/40

2/3/4 scene preset systems
From 1978 Catalogue
2, 3 or 4-scene preset systems with two, three or four quadrant faders per channel. Master fader with blackout switch for each preset. Ten group master faders with plug matrix selector which allows any combinalion of channel faders to be assigned to any group master fader.
2PM/30 - 2 presets, 30 channels
2PM/40 - 2 presets, 40 channels
3PM/40 - 3 presets, 40 channels
3PM/60 - 3 presets, 60 channels
3PM/80 - 3 presets, 80 channels
3PM/100 - 3 presets, 100 channels
4PM/120 - 4 presets, 120 channels
4PM/140 - 4 presets, 140 channels
May be used with any dimmers in the Thorn range. 

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PM System at the Malakoff Theatre Paris
PM System at the Malakoff Theatre Paris (1972)
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Thorn 3PM/80
Thorn 3PM/80 (1978)
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Thorn PM60 Control Desk  
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