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Giotto  (2001)

SGM Giotto 400

Giotto 400 - CMY Moving Head Spot (2001)

From LSI, 26 July 2001
The Giotto Spot 400, the latest addition to the SGM range, is a moving head fixture designed and built specifically for use in large shows, theatres, television studios and entertainment venues. The 400 has a range of features including variable zoom, which enables linear beam angle adjustment from 9° to 24°; an electronic ballast (which ensures flicker-free light, bright stabilized beams and lighter fixture weight) and a linear diaphragm which allows to set the beam width. Excellent luminous performance (10,000 lumens) is achieved thanks to Giotto’s combination of a Philips MSR 400HR discharge lamp and a dichroic reflector, which allows the heat to be dissipated on the rear of the fixture, thus ensuring maximum temperature reduction. Internal fixture components are all easily accessible, thanks to the simplicity with which the unit’s body can be opened. All maintenance procedure is thus facilitated to the utmost and extremely fast. As well as carefully studying the various mechanical and electronic components, SGM also paid close attention to the fixture’s appearance, studying smooth stylish lines that fit perfectly into any environment in which aesthetics are considered an important factor. Another major goal achieved with this moving head fixture is its very quiet operation, a feature sure to be appreciated in the theatre world, but also elsewhere.

Giotto Digital 1500 (2008)

The SGM Giotto Digital 1500 has truly unique revolutionary features. With a special patented application of DLP technology, SGM has managed to combine the advantages of the generation of digital effects with its lengthy experience in designing moving head fixtures which, thanks to their brightness and speed, have become a standard in the most important live, theatre and television applications.
Giotto Digital 1500 stands out for the fact that it has the typical format of a moving head fixture designed and manufactured mainly for entertainment lighting, but is equipped with an innovative all-digital system for the generation of graphic effects, while maintaining fundamental features such as fast movement, brightness, control standard and compact dimensions.

  1. Linear dimmer
  2. Shutter 
  3. Strobe 1-12 flashes per second, also with music sync


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