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PEF-M  (1980)

Pani PEF-M Control Unit

From Lighting & Sound International March 1988:
"..since 1980 their PEF-M electronically controlled spotlight system has been installed in theatres and opera houses in Vienna (3 installations), Prague (2), Moscow (2), Finland (3), Kiev (1) and Singapore (2). A total of over 1200 units with precision drive pan and tilt have now been delivered world-wide. (The system can be either manually controlled or supplied with an electronically controlled memory system.)

12 PEF-M Motorised lighting units were installed at the Volkstheater, Vienna in 1980 by Ludwig Pani

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Galaxy & Pani PEF-M - Staats Opera Vienna
Galaxy & Pani PEF-M - Staats Opera Vienna 
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From Alan Luxford Collection

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