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dot2  (2015)
MA Lighting

dot2 range

Range of compact lighting control consoles
From MA Lighting website:
In 2015 MA presents a new range of compact lighting control solutions – the dot2. The dot2 range consists of three lighting consoles; dot2 core, dot2 XL-F, dot2 XL-B; two playback expansion wing solutions; dot2 F-wing and dot2 B-wing and the dot2 Node4 (1K) network output node as well as the dot2 onPC console software and the dot2 3D visulisation software solutions.
Designed for small and mid-sized projects and venues, dot2 offers advanced functionality with outstanding ease-of-use. Full tracking backup is available via plug and play networking.


dot2 range
dot2 range 
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On Test: Dot2 (September 2016)
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