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Trackspot  (1992)
High End Systems / Lightwave Research

Trackspot (from High End Systems website)

Moving Mirror fixture.
From the HireWL website:
The Trackspot colour wheel features eight richly-saturated dichroic colours (plus white) and a colour corrector. The 10-position gobo wheel includes two multi-coloured dichroic patterns and a replaceable custom gobo position. Trackspot has an ultra-fast, smooth pan and tilt capability as well as optical sensors that eliminate color or gobo positioning errors. Control options include standard analog, Lightwave Research (LWR) protocol, and DMX 512 protocol.

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Trackspot User Manual v4.1 (September 1999)
[1.53Mb PDF]

Trackspot Datasheet (February 2001)
[304kb PDF]

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