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Transtechnik NTX  (2006)
Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC

Successor to the successful NT line.
Designed for the German market.

From LSI Online, 21 March 2006
Germany - ETC will introduce the new Transtechnik NTX lighting control console to the public for the first time at this year's ProLight & Sound exhibition in Frankfurt. As the successor in the successful NT line, a well known and respected product primarily in Germany, the new NTX marries the best of the Prisma NT and Focus NT console tradition with the latest advances in control technology, say ETC. The NTX line, with new hardware and a Linux operating system, concentrates on "the essential in lighting control", say ETC, "while offering incredible processing speed and efficiency, backed up by the NT reputation for reliability". All NTX units have on-board interfaces and can therefore forego additional external devices. Along with expanded functionality as well as fast and convenient control of moving lights, colour changers and media servers, NTX units communicate via the latest networking protocols, such as ETCNet2 and ArtNet and are fully prepared for future standards. The desks are also completely compatible with other NT line boards and can be integrated seamlessly into existing installations.

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