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Eos Ti  (2018)
Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC

ETC Eos Ti

From ETC website 2021:
Eos Titanium (or Eos Ti®) is ETC's flagship lighting control console, with powerful hardware, easy-to-navigate software, and the right tools to realize art within the tight timetable of professional productions. Ti speaks the language of light, with no complicated command syntax to get in the way of your design.
Ti features large-format, high-resolution articulating multi-touch displays with a substantial programming surface. It also offers a dedicated multi-touch encoder display, 20 user-defineable buttons, a backlit keyboard, motorized faders, multiple USB and video ports - everything to make the experience of designing and programming a breeze.
The desk's common-sense syntax is consistent and predictable, so anyone - novices and professionals alike - can quickly get down to business. With Ti, you can work from an abstract concept of a design to a straightforward command sequence, thinking less about the mechanics of the system and more about the look of your show. The command line is fully integrated with direct selects and magic sheets, allowing you to work seamlessly from the keypad and the touchscreen controls.
Ti's revolutionary referenced marking function takes the agony out of presetting lights. What you need most quickly is immediately available, and all supporting information (discrete timing, absolute data, source of current data) is found fast and easily. Necessary features aren't buried under layers - what you need is right within reach. When you combine Ti's solid-state hard drive with networked backups, you get the most reliable lighting system possible. There is no need to install expensive switches, because Ti uses 10/100 MB networks. Designers no longer have to sacrifice their needs for those of programmers, because each device on a Ti system can have a discrete workspace. Partitioned control provides a safe and effective method for multiple programmers to build content into a show file. Designers, programmers and electricians must work across venue types with equal ease, and your desk must, too.

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Eos Ti Specification (GB) (February 2018)
[169kb PDF]

Eos Ti Datasheet (GB) (October 2018)
[490kb PDF]

Eos Ti Datasheet (April 2019)
[456kb PDF]

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