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Cobalt Light Server  (2016)
Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC

ETC Cobalt Light Server

Presenting the Cobalt Light Server - all the functionality of ETC's Cobalt lighting control system, but in a purpose-built, rack-mounted enclosure!
The Cobalt Light Server's 19" design packs Cobalt's identical features and channel/output capacities into a stand-alone enclosure suitable for permanently installed applications. Running the powerful Cobalt operating software, the Cobalt Light Server is a fully independent lighting playback controller or a convenient backup option.

Software features

Overall product features


Cobalt Family Brochure (February 2014)
[2.81Mb PDF]

Cobalt Light Server Datasheet (June 2016)
[321kb PDF]

Cobalt Family User Manual v8.1 (November 2018)
[17.66Mb PDF]

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