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Alpha 300  (2008)
Clay Paky

Alpha Wash 300

Four compact moving body projectors for professional use designed with the big features of the whole Alpha Series:
Alpha Beam 300 moving light beam
Alpha Spot 300 effect projector
Alpha Spot HPE 300 effect projector
Alpha Wash 300 washlight
Unmatched in performance, these new 300 Watt models are superior to all competitors in the same power category for brightness, graphic variety, optical system and performance, often also allowing them to be used professionally in place of larger sized projectors.
They are of limited size and weight that make their installation and use ideal in highly professional environments, with considerable investment and operating economy.
All these features make the “Alpha 300” excellent for every sector – from the Theatre to Television, from Corporate Events to Clubs, for large as for small Rental Companies.


Alpha 300 Brochure (April 2008)
[3.72Mb PDF]

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Alpha Spot 300  
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