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Rolacue  (1984)

Avolites Rolacue

Rolacue 30 channel: Introduced in 1984. The 60 channel version followed in 1985. 

From LSI article, 1986
The Rolacue series of memory consoles represents an important part of the new generation of Avolites control consoles. It has been designed specifically to offer powerful and flexible programming facilities in smaller applications, where budgets can often be limited. 
Although Rolacues offer comprehensive facilities including rapid Memory and Chase modification and Preview, they are extremely simple to operate even for someone approaching memory consoles for the first time. All Rolacues are linkable and have the facility to save and load information via 3.5 inch disk drive. This allows access to large numbers of channels without the commitment to an extremely large console. 


LSI: Guide to Memory Desks (May 1986)
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From Lighting & Sound International

Rolacue Leaflet (1987)
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From Jim Laws Collection
Advert - Rolacue
Advert - Rolacue (January 1987)
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From Lighting & Sound International

Avolites Price List (June 1987)
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From Jim Laws Collection

Hire Price List (June 1987)
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From Jim Laws Collection

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