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Pro Dissolve  Arion Corporation

Arion Pro Dissolve

Professional Two-Projector Presentation Control
A New Dissolver For Any Application

Arion's Pro Dissolve is the multi-purpose dissolver designed for all professional applications.

The Pro Dissolve combines enhanced features and Arion dependability to form a new industry standard. As a multi-image presentation component or integrated into a corporate boardroom system, the Pro Dissolve is a versatile solution.
The Pro Dissolve is the multi-purpose solution for applications such as live slide presentations, conference room control systems, synchronized sound/slide shows, museums, exhibits, displays, theaters, multi-image shows and more. The Pro Dissolve is expandable: up to eight Pro Dissolves can be linked together for up to 16-projector control.

Pro Dissolve Features
The Pro Dissolve incorporates versatile and innovative professional features not found on any other dissolver. These features include: Economy Lamp; a mode for extending lamp life, Selectable Fade Rate for manual (live) and automatic dissolve operation, Automatic Timer for continuous-run applications, selectable tray size and more.

More Pro Dissolve Options
The Power Control option will automatically turn off the projectors when not in use to cut down on noise and extend projector life. The Remote Focus option gives room control systems the ability to remotely focus on the projectors. The Zero Sense option will always make sure your trays are in the right place.

Computer Ready
With the 732 Interface Kit, the Pro Dissolve is ready to be controlled from a personal computer using Arion software or remote control systems such as AMX or Crestron.

Mate-Trac™-an important Arion advantage
Mate-Trac™ is the ingenious signal Arion developed to synchronize dissolves to an audio tape.
Mate-Trac™ virtually eliminates synchronization problems associated with low-cost dissolvers. This means your slides appear on the screen ONLY at the appropriate time. Even if your audio tape is rewound or forwarded, the slides will seek out their proper locations and continue in synchronization. Arion's world standard Mate-Trac™ is also 100% compatible with the Kodak PDC and other Arion dissolvers so your old shows will run flawlessly on a Pro Dissolve.

Power Control
This option will turn off the projectors plugged into the outlets on the rear of the Pro Dissolve upon the end of a presentation and will automatically restore power when given a command.
Remote Focus
This option will allow access to remote focus control on projectors when used with a remote control system.
Pro Dissolve 1701 Operates with Kodak Carousel, Ektagraphic, Elmo Omnigraphic, Singer and Leica Carousel projectors.
Pro Dissolve 1701LT Operates with the Kodak Ektalite projector.

See the 1600XL PC Dissolve for these projectors
Operates with the Kodak Ektapro 5000, 7000, 7010, 7020, 9000, 9010 and 9020.

1) Sync/Ready/Program Indicators: The Sync light indicates the Pro Dissolve is receiving Mate-Trac™ signal. Ready indicates projector has recycled and is ready for the next slide. Program lights when generating Mate-Trac™.
2) Lamp Buttons: These buttons allow you to turn on the projector lamps for focus and alignment. The buttons also contain lights that indicate lamp status.
3) Bank: Select which bank of projectors this dissolver will respond to when used with Arion Pro Sixteen or Arion software.
4) Projector: Select if these projectors are to be #1 and #2 or #3 and #4 when used with Arion Pro Sixteen or Arion software.
5) Tray: Choose between 80 or 140 slide trays.
6) Reset: This will return projectors to their starting positions.
7) All Metal: The Pro Dissolve uses all metal constructions and heavy duty components.
8) Feature Selector:
Fade Rate: Selectable fade rate for manual dissolve and Auto Timer Available rates (.5, 1, 2, 4 seconds).
View Time: Used with the Auto Timer function, selects how long each slide remains on the screen (4 selectable intervals).
Auto Timer: When on, slides will automatically dissolve.
Tray Start: Select to start trays at position #0 or #1.
Lamp Economy: sets lamps to partial intensity to extend bulb life.
Simultaneous: When using with a remote, fades both projectors together.
9) Power Switch and Cord: Main AC power.
10) Projector Outlets: Plug your projectors into these handy outlets. Pro Dissolves with power control option will turn these outlets off when a show is reset.
11) Remote: Use with hand control for "live" presentations or to interface to computer or remote control system (with optional RS232 communications kit).
12) Projector Cables: Connect to slide projectors.
13) Sync Connections: Connect to tape deck Sync Channel (Mate-trac™) Use Link to connect multiple Pro Dissolves together.
Dimensions: Height 1.75" (44.5 mm), Width 11.75" (298.5mm), Depth 5.375" (136.5 mm), Weight 4 lbs. (1.82 kg)
Computer Ready indicates these dissolvers can interface to a personal computer or control system for remote control and programming applications

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