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Mirage 500  Arion Corporation

Mirage 501

Manual Operation Dissolvers / Programmable Two-Projector Dissolvers
The Arion Mirage 500 Series adds a true professional look to two projector presentations. Using two projectors allows you to fade from one image to another rather than fading to a black screen while the tray advances. This eliminates the irritating "chop" that normally is seen in slide presentations.
The added visual elegance of dissolving brings an even higher level of professionalism to your show. The 500 Series gives you enhanced features including the Automatic Self-Timer as well as Tray Rest and 3 Selectable Dissolve Rates.
Included is a 990 adapter to allow any Kodak EC Remote Control to be used with the Mirage Dissolver.
3 Selectable Fade Rates (1/2, 2 and 4 seconds)
Auto Tray Reset
Auto Timer with Selectable View Time
Models: 501for Kodak Ektagraphic, Carousel, 500XL Kodak Ektapro, 501LT Kodak Ektalite
H:2.25"; W: 6.5"; D: 5.25"
Weight:3.35 lbs

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