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Voice of the Theatre speaker systems  (1945 - ?)

Legacy A7 Voice of the Theatre

Range of classic two-way speaker systems, originally designed for cinema sound, later becoming popular for general live reinforcement. The design was  the result of a collaboration between John Hilliard and Jim Lansing (who went on to leave Altec-Lansing and form JBL (his initials)). 
The efficiency of the designs provided high sound pressure levels from the limited amplifier power available at the time. 

A-1 (1945)
A-2 (1945)
A-4 (1945) The most-often used Voice of the Theatre system, with many still in use in cinemas today. 
A-5 (1945)
A-6 (1945)
A-7 (1966) Designed for smaller venues - relaunced as the Legacy A-7 in 2003
AudioWorld article about the relaunch
A-8 (1966) Designed for smaller venues
A-9 (1960s)
A-10 (1960s)

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LSI: Classic Gear - Voice of the Theatre (February 2017)
[599kb PDF]
From Lighting & Sound International

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