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Hathor Desks  ADB

ADB Freedom

Operating system for lighting control in Theatre / Opera / TV.
Used in the following desks:



Ocean (2019)

Imago (2018)

Programming wing to use with a PC running Hathor software. 


The Hathor desks are fully integrated with CAPTURE and allow for  extended networking (ArtNet, sACN, RDMNet)
Version 1: ?
Version 2.0: March 2018

32 Universes: 16,384 outputs / parameters via Ethernet
• Available Control Protocols: ARTNET, sACN, Sandnet,
Pathport, Shownet
• 192 virtual Submasters (assignable in banks to physical
• faders) & 1000 Submasters pages
• 24 Playbacks & 1000 Sequences (“Cuelists”)
• Tracking mode for parameters, including automatic
Move In Black, as well as CUE only mode in a very
intuitive way


ADB Freedom brochure 
[3.46Mb PDF]
ADB Freedom desk
ADB Freedom desk 
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Liberty Brochure 
[5.12Mb PDF]

Ocean Brochure 
[513kb PDF]

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