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TABS: April 1939 [Vol.3 / Issue 1]
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A Matter of Expense
The question of carriage charges on equipment hired may have prevented some Societies from making full use of our service, and we have gone to great pains to remove this retarding influence.
B.D.L. School Course
On January 5th we had the pleasure of receiving a visit from a party of School Teachers who were in town for the British Drama League course.
Although prior to the Official opening of the theatre we had been giving sundry demonstrations, we have since been particularly busy entertaining parties both professional and amateur.
Leslie Henson at Floral Street
On Wednesday, February 22nd, Mr Leslie Henson, the well-known Gaiety Comedian, opened our new Demonstration Theatre in the presence of a large number of Screen and Stage celebrities. Mr J.D.H.Sheridan, Managing Director of the company, welcomed Mr Henson and our guests.
Let there be Footlight (Percy Corry)
A Northern producer recently declared with confident emphasis that in the best modern theatres footlights had been dispensed with. The truth of this statement depends on the interpretation of 'best'.
Our New Dublin Showrooms
Shortly before Christmas we opened new Showrooms at 38, Talbot Street, Dublin, under the management of Mr Lorcan Bourke, who was formerly Manager of the Queen's Theatre, Dublin.
Projected Scenery
On January 29th the Toynbee Hall Theatre Club produced the Opera 'Orpheus' by Gluck. The production was outstanding in that the Cyclorama in the Toynbee Hall Theatre was used for 'Projected' Scenery. Producer J.L.Hodgkinson, is to be congratulate on his enterprise.
Here is another query which continually cropping up and as the situation is one that demands careful placing of lanterns and the correct use of colour mediums, we feel that it is a matter that will be of interest to many of our readers.
Switchboard Asides (Busker)
The Loamshire Grand Opera Society were presenting 'Carmen.' At least they thought they were. On the first night, just before the curtain rose, the distracted producer dashed around giving incoherent last words and attacks of the jitters to all and sundry.
The Demonstration Theatre
All the buildings which now constitute the firm's headquarters have been thoroughly overhauled and converted to their new purposes. An entirely new electrical installation, the removal of walls here and the insertion of walls there, together with extensive decorations, have given the Strand Electric the home they have so long needed.
In our October issue we gave a very brief description of 'Black Light' and some of the purposes to which it could be applied. Now we were able to introduce a make-up incorporating fluorescent qualities

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