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TABS: December 1938 [Vol.2 / Issue 3]
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B.D.L. School Course
In connection with the Three Day Course on Drama in the School, which is being held by the British Drama League at King's College of Household and Social Service, Kennington W.8, from January 4th to 6th inclusive, one of the items on the time table is a Demonstration of School Theatre Lighting and general stage appliances, in the theatre of the Strand Electric Co., Ltd., 24, Floral Street, W.C.2
Gold... and Glitter (Busker)
Another Christmas Eve! Another first night was over. Billy Chesterton sat alone, not heeding... scarcely hearing the chatter and laughter that cut off sharply as the stage door banged behind the departing company.
Hats Off
The Manager of our Theatre Lighting Department, Mr. L. G. Applebee, has been accorded two honours, which are well worth recording.
Queries - Lighting an Apron Stage
In our last issue of Tabs we mentioned that we were introducing a feature under the heading of 'Queries', where we would deal with a specific problem each month. 'Ours is a fairly modern (1931) Amateur Theatre. The stage fitted throughout with Strand Electric equipment - three battens and floats.
Sound Advice
You know we are really very good people to Amateur Dramatic Societies. Everyone knows, or should know, the service we give in the matter of Stage Lighting, both as regards advice generally and in hiring equipment, and now we want to introduce you to another feature, which, we hope and believe, will be welcomed equally enthusiastically.
The Critic (Spotlight)
It was a rotten morning, damp, misty, you know one of those mornings when five minutes walk to the station leaves you with little blobs of water on your eyelashes and cobwebs appear from nowhere and festoon themselves across your face.
The Pictures that Walked (J.H.H.)
The streets around the Strand Electric Co. Ltd., in Covent Garden are rich in theatrical associations.

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