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TABS: October 1938 [Vol.2 / Issue 2]
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A Letter from an Architect (Henry Elder)
Dear Sir, There is little disputing that the theatre of to-day is insufficient for the encouragement and development of play production; it is also similarly depressing to any theatre lover to note that its offspring, the cinema, should have much such rapid strides, unfortunately at the expense of its parent.
Black Light
What is Black Light and what are its uses? Black light is radiation in the near Ultra Violet region of the spectrum - the region just beyond the Blue - and is practically invisible to the human eye.
Glossary (Continued in spite of opposition)
The Green, Flys, Fly-Rail, Cyclorama, Borders, Brail, Tabs, Proscenium, Rake, Tails, Tales, Throw
Hints to Stage Managers & their Satellites
In short - The Black Squad. Comprising all those unseen heroes whom the producer praises grudgingly on the last night and curses roundly on the first. The people who design, make, paint and shift - especially shift - the Scenes. But not the Electricians. Not yet. Their turn may come later.
Lecture at Leeds (L.G.Applebee)
On page 19 of our last issue we gave details of the Northern Exhibition at the Leeds Electricity Department Showrooms, and below we give a short report of the Lecture given by Mr. L.G.Applebee, Manager of our Theatre Lighting Department, on September 14th, entitled 'Coloured and Directional Lighting as applied to the Stage'.
Penny Wise
It's no exaggeration to say that the majority of halls used for the presentation of Amateur shows are sadly lacking in proper stage lighting equipment.
Ways and Means
Reading the report of Mr. Applebee's lecture on Stage Lighting which appears in this issue, brought back to mind an experience of the writer during the spot of bother across the Channel some years back.

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