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TABS: September 1938 [Vol.2 / Issue 1]
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Buxton Opera House
The photograph reproduced on this page places interesting emphasis on the rapidity with which the use of electricity in the theatre has grown. The Buxton theatre was built in 1905 and the panel illustrated was installed to control the gas supply to the auditorium, stage and dressing rooms.
Glossary of Assorted Stage Terms
A very complimentary reader has suggested that we should include this glossary for the benefit of those who often find themselves perplexed by the curious jargon of the theatre. We have entrusted the task to one of the less disciplined contributors, who refuses to make the glossary alphabetical on the ground that his method is easier for himself and more exciting for the reader.
Model Stage Lighting
There is a growing tendency among Producers, Scenery Designers and Schools to try out their ideas in model form before embarking on the actual building of full-size stage settings.
Mr P Corry
Manager of our Manchester Branch, has been appointed a Lecturer on Dramatic Art and Modern Theatre Practice at the Stockport College. It is understood that the course will include Elocution, Acting, Production, Stage Design and, of course, Stage Lighting.
Northern Exhibition
at Leeds Electricity Department Showrooms, Headrow, Leeds. From Monday, September 112th until Saturday, September 17th, there will be an Exhibition of Strand Lighting Equipment in the Electricity Department;s Showrooms, Headrow, Leeds, to which all our friends in the North are invited.
Pin-Pricks for Producers (Busker)
The producer... or director, as the Americans more aptly describe him... is a comparatively modern innovation. Or should one say 'infliction'?
Toynbee Hall
The good work which has been going on at Toynbee Hall, in providing in the East End of London opportunities for better education for the youth and girl of moderate means, is so well known that it is not surprising that when they turn their attention to theatrical matters considerable care and thought is bestowed on their equipment.

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