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TABS: April 1938 [Vol.1 / Issue 4]
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Advice to an Amateur Actor (Busker)
Advice, of course, is that with which everybody is generous and for which nobody is grateful. But I don't want thanks. It doesn't cost you anything, and you needn't accept it. It amuses me and I don't expect you to.
Operette at the Opera House, Manchester
A new play by Noel Coward is of more than ordinary interest; the merest rumour of such a production sets the Press hounds in full cry. 'Operette' was a subject of much preliminary speculation and report. It is now running successfully at His Majesty's Theatre after a brilliant opening in Manchester
The Wimbledon Theatre
A very interesting installation has just been completed by the Strand Electric for the Wimbledon Theatre, London. This theatre was recently taken over the by J.Brandon Thomas Productions, to run repertory. The stage has been completely re-equipped to give suitable lighting for the large variety of plays which repertory work entails.

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