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TABS: December 1950 [Vol.8 / Issue 3]
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Casting Committees Must Be Castigated (Percy Corry)
It matters little whether such a committee has been constitutionally created in conformity with the rules of that popular game of noughts and crosses known as democratic franchise, or whether they have coagulated by some other less obvious exercise of the laws of attraction and repulsion.
Earthing (Fred Bentham)
For some years now electrical apparatus has been fitted with three-core flexes and three-pin plugs instead of the twin flex and two-pin plugs once common. Yet table standards and other lighting fittings still usually retain the twin flex.
Effects for Effect
If one were to judge just by the number of optical effects reserved for the Christmas season one might think that the British theatre-going public was going to be treated to an orgy of moving flames, snow, waves, sand storms and all the rest.
Review: Stage Lighting by Fred Bentham (George Devine)
Although there are many points in this very comprehensive book with which I disagree, I cannot but heartily recommend it to everyone, professional or amateur.
Side Lighting (Fred Bentham)
Everyone knows it is a good thing to have side lighting and that without its relief the stage will always tend to present a rather flat picture. However, because most of its sources are temporary and easily plugged into the stage dips not as much published attention is given to it as to the more permanent items, e.g., battens (flood and spot), circle spots and
so on.

Some Sound Advice On Stagesound
A list of 5 hints and tips when using recorded sound effects on vinyl.
The following summary of important considerations is squeezed in as it is vital.

The National Theatre
An interview granted to the Editor of TABS by Kenneth Rae, Secretary to the Joint Council of the National Theatre and Old Vic.
In the minds of many of the public, the Old Vic and the National Theatre have become one and the same thing. The office which you yourself hold as mentioned above does little to dispel what may be a wrong assumption. The Old Vic has, of course, now re-opened. Are we still to expect a National Theatre, and if so why?

The Old Vic (L.G.Applebee)
London has at last regained its playhouse on the South Bank of the Thames The Royal Victoria Hall, or, as it is now affectionately and universally known, The Old Vic. 
Before we describe the refurnished building let us delve into some of the history of this Playhouse.

The Riverside Theatre (Guy Sheppard)
In the initial discussions it was established that the theatre was required to house not only evening performances in the traditional manner of the Vauxhall Cremorne entertainments during which light refreshments can be served in the auditorium, but also excerpts from Opera, Ballet and, during the day-time, Puppet Shows.

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