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LIGHTS!: July 1993 [Vol.4 / Issue 1]
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20,000 Watts of Raw Power!
The largest Fresnel Strand has ever produced makes its appearance in the new UK catalogue.
A Commitment to Service
Strand Lighting recognises the value placed on its own service facility, and the service provided by others in its network, to you the customer. For customer support to continue to be responsive, and to maintain the reputation that has been earned over the years, it is necessary to constantly assess methods, and adapt and improve where necessary.
A Mini-2 In Peru (Aurora Colina)
Peruvian actress and director Aurora Colina went to the ends of the earth in search for her lighting system...
Advert: LD90
The Royal Box You Can Afford
Advert: MX, LX, Light Palette 90, Quartet
In the world of entertainment, where reputations are won and lost overnight, Strand Lighting has been at centre stage for over seventy five years.
Back Ten Years & Out for Two Hundred Thousand (Frederick Bentham)
Exactly ten years ago, as I write this piece, a bronzed figure could have been seen striding across the sandy beach somewhere near Adelaide and even nearer the fine Hardy vineyard whose cellars we had been visiting and whose product we had been sampling.
Book Review: ABC of Stage Lighting and Discovering Stage Lighting (Francis Reid)

Book Review: Safety in Live Performance (edited by George Thompson)

Catalogues Now and Then (Fred Bentham)
It was interesting to open the new 1993 Strand Lighting catalogue and throw my mind back fifty-seven years to my own 1936 Strand Electric catalogue. Indeed it was not necessary to rely on memory, as I have both before me as I write.
Fred's Award
Fred Bentham has been presented with the CIBSE Lighting Division Award 1993 for long-time service to the lighting community.
Heading Dreamward
It is difficult to imagine a more international tale than this. A Norwegian owned ship, based in Miami, fitted out by Strand in France with products from Strand's facilities in Scotland and the USA.
LD90 - Digital Dimming for All
The LD90 digital dimmer rack was launched simultaneously at SIEL in Paris and at London's European Lightshow in February 1993. In the few months since its public introduction, LD90 has been installed in venues in the UK, France and Germany, and has been greeted with universal acclaim.
Lighting Forum's New President
Edward Pagett, Strand's Architectural Business Development Manager has been elected President of the Lighting Forum.
Major New Italian Studio Complex
Anyone who gets involved in planning and installing the lighting for a television studio can justifiably pat themselves on the back when the project is complete, and the studio goes on air.
Mammoth Lighting in Wales
Light Relief, Strand's Cardiff-based Distributor, brought this Mammoth back to life with Strand Prelude spotlights and Coda cyclights when they lit a temporary exhibition at the National Museum of Wales.
Milestones in Lighting History
A regular feature in which we look back at some of the lighting innovations introduced by Strand and Century over the years.
New Distributor in Holland
Strand has appointed Barndoor bv, as its new Dutch distributor. The new company, formed by Fred Angel (centre), Huib Snijders, and Enrico Daamen (right) joined the Strand network on 1st December last year.
New Strand Catalogue
Strand's new 52-page colour catalogue is a departure from the Strandbook idea of the past few years.
Out of the Woods - The Playhouse Square Center
The tale of the Playhouse Square district in Cleveland has all the elements of a modern-day blockbuster musical...
Cleveland developed in true American style. Meteoric expansion based on business and commerce took the population from 57 in 1810 to over 40,000 busy people in 1860, all looking to make more money and for ways of spending it.

RTM Malaysia
Glantre Engineering's Matthew Tonks was faced with the view of RTM Malaysia's studio in Kuala Lumpur before starting on the engineering design, supply and commissioning of the equipment which has transformed the studio into a modern facility.
Schools' Photographic Competition Winners
Our competition in the November issue of Lights! - Vol.3 Issue 3, produced a spate of entries to our challenge to 'photograph your next school production' and send in one close up and one full stage shot.
Special Engineering Give Hoists A Lift
A small corner of Strand's Isleworth facility is dedicated to turning a few simple words of a consultant's specification into a client's desires.
Strand CAD
All over the world, designers, consultants and architects are hanging up their lighting stencils and drawing pens, and swivelling their ergonomic gas-strut supported chairs towards the computer keyboard.
Strand goes to Hollywood
The USA Headquarters of Strand Lighting, situated just outside Los Angeles, has been well placed for serving the film community in Hollywood over the years.
Strand in Paradise
Visitors to Hawaii can experience the world's largest and finest Polynesian revue, lit by Strand, at the Polynesian Cultural Centre.
Founded in 1963, the Polynesian Cultural Center is dedicated to helping preserve the cultural heritage of Polynesia while providing jobs and scholarships for hundreds of students at the adjoining Brigham Young University-Hawaii campus.

Strand Personalities: Alan Luxford (Richard Harris)
Two facts - Alan joined Strand straight from school - and he was the last man recruited by Strand. No - this doesn't mean that we have not taken anyone on since 1968 - it just means that a few weeks after the old Strand Electric and Engineering Company recruited our young hopeful Strand became part of The Rank Organisation.
Alan originally inhabited the King Street showroom, the starting point for so many Strand personalities who trod this road, all upward, although to various destinations.

Sydney Opera House (Peter Marshall)
When reading back issues of TABS, I was unable to find anything good that had been said about the technical facilities at the Opera House by any of the visitors that have been to see us over the last eleven years.
Hopefully we can now report a development which may be regarded as a step in the right direction.
The Sydney Opera House has installed new Lighting Control Systems!

System Wide Control
One of the most exciting features of the LD90 dimmer is its System Wide Control (SWC) capability.
The Electricity At Work Regulations
The 1908 Electricity Regulations set safety standards for electrical supply and distribution in the UK. It remained intact for 80 years, but its replacement has set the British entertainment lighting world buzzing with confusion. Help arrives at last...
The Evolving Dimmer Rack
The first 220/240V SCR dimmer was demonstrated by Strand in April 1959 on the same occasion as the first level memory control, KTV.
The Strand 85 Spring Collection
Major product launches have now, for Strand, become something of an annual tradition. Although in 1983 we proudly gave birth to the M24 memory control system, the cast of new products was undoubtedly dominated by additions and improvements to the luminaire catalogue.
The Wilde Theatre (Iain Mackintosh)
By the summer of 1979 South Hill Park had already become one of Britain's most active and distinguished art centres although it had been open only six years. Peter Stark was the founding director and it was he who decided against the building of a new theatre at the outset rather than throwing what resources there were into converting the existing house of South Hill Park into a participatory arts centre.
Top Awards for Premiere
Strand Lighting's Premiere system has shown that it truly is the premier architectural control system scooping a total of three top awards.
Ulster TV - A 1st for Strand
Strand has been in the business of studio lighting since television began in 1936. But for Strand, the Ulster TV project was a first in more ways than one.

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