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LIGHTS!: June 1990 [Vol.1 / Issue 2]
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Advert: Strand architectural lighting systems.
Strand, the world leader in entertainment lighting, has drawn on unrivalled experience to develop an integrated range of luminaires, controls and dimmers specifically for interiors.
Clean-Up Vaudeville - with the help of plenty of dough.
When they say in Toronto that it took plenty of dough to restore one of Canada's most important theatre complexes, they mean just that.
Dear Old PALS
Our PALS lighting system has taken a top award for technical excellence at Britain's premier exhibition for the electrical products industry.
Dim and Distant Past...
Since the Ancients scheduled their productions at Dawn or Sunset to maximise visual impact, control of the intensity of light has been one of the most important factors in lighting design - if not the most important factor.
EC90 The first major advance in dimming technology since the thyristor
This summer will see the official launch and availability of EC90, the first ever attempt to bring the full benefits of digital technology to that old reliable workhorse - the dimmer.
Irrestible Oldsmobiles
According to lighting designer Craig Roeder, 'The more everything sparkles, the better the chance the merchandise will sell.' And since he is one to practice what he preaches, Craig has given full rein to his philosophy in lighting this Oldsmobile showroom in Dallas, Texas, where 'sparkle' is an understatement.
Italia 90 Kicks Off
The draw ceremony for the Football World Cup which was broadcast on Worldvision from Palazzo dello Sport of Rome, was produced with the use of a large quantity of Quartzolor luminaires, including 48 5kW Pollux, 24 12.5kW Iris, 20 5kW Arturo and many Parlights.
Light Palette Wins Oscars
The latest in Strand's popular Palette range, the Light Palette 90, was launched recently. And thanks to the outstanding track record of the range, Light Palette 90, was immediately selected to run the lighting at this year's Academy Awards presentation in the United States.
LP90 Double
Orders have been received for the first Canadian Light Palette 90 control consoles - the first from the University of Victoria in British Columbia, who wanted the most advanced console available for their Phoenix Theatre, and the second from theatre consultants Brannigan-Lorelli, who selected Strand for the Capitol Theatre in Brantford, Ontario.
Naomi is Airlifted
Lighting student Naomi Chung was airlifted from the Academy for the Performing Arts in Hong Kong to Britain to fulfil her ambition - to work alongside teh lighting designer John B. Reid. And it was all thanks to Strand Lighting.
New Factory in Italy
A purpose-built, 91,000 sq ft factory and offices has been opened at Pomezia, near Rome, for the manufacture of Quartzcolor luminaires, electronic controls and specialist lighting equipment for the TV and film market.
On Course
A six month, full-time technical training course for budding young theatre technicians is being offered by London's Half Moon young peoples theatre in Mile End.
Soho Uncovered
An educational study visit to examine the lighting system at the world famous Raymond Revue Bar in Soho, London, produced some revealing pictures - and not just of the lighting!
Strand and Deliver
A new spares delivery service has been devised by Strand Lighting for its customers, to streamline the supply of vital components.
Strand's Tale of the 'One Thousand and One' Lights in Marrakesh
An exciting International Congress centre intended to put the Morrocan city of Marrakesh on the map as the convention venue of the 90's, will provide a showcase for Strand Lighting capabilities.
Stunning Effects for the Architectural Lighting Engineer
Architectural luminaires form an integral part of the interior environment, so Strand have launched products employing efficient modern light sources which reflect the high quality design standards such spaces demand.
The Iron Curtain Also Rises For Strand
With the attention of the world in recent months having focussed on the raising of the Iron Curtain, Strand Lighting engineers have themselves been in the spotlight with three major theatre and television projects in Russia and Bulgaria.
The Lights Go Up in London
Question: What do Jerry Hall, Tom Conti, Michael Gambon, Jim Davidson and the cast of Miss Saigon have in common - apart from being performers? Answer: They have all recently been 'lit' by Strand Lighting controls in the West End.
The Lights in the Harbour
A new addition to the skyline of one of the world's most famous harbours is the sweeping outline of Hong Kong Cultural Centre, where Strand Lighting has completed one of its most prestigious installations.
Touring the Galaxy
A 'touring' Strand Galaxy lighting control board will be setting off on an extended world tour with the Royal Opera during the 1990's.
TV Studio in Bologna is Operated by Five Monks
The Antoniano TV Studio in Bologna was created in 1965 to produce for RAI the 'Zecchino d'Oro', which is the most popular Italian children's musical competition on television.
Variety is the Spice of Light
When you consider just how much time actors spend beneath the glare of production lighting, it is surprising that lighting as a subject does not figure large in the drama school curriculum. For actress Patricia Hodge this is a matter of great concern.
Will There Be Life After Emmerdale
The television lighting director could be a 'dying breed' in Britain, killed off by tighter budgets and changes in policy, according to one fo the most respected of the breed, Yorkshire Television's Peter Hardman.

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