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TABS: September 1978 [Vol.36 / Issue 3]
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Lighting Control in Germany (Heinz J. Fritz)
Ever since, if not before the introduction of Rank Strand IDM/MSR and Brown Boveri Datalux systems to Germany in 1966-68, the design and layout of control systems have been discussed with much emotion. Fuelled by companies who in those days still believed the solution to all problems was to be found in the mechanics, one can now differentiate between enthusiasts for fader, push button or keyboard technologies!
Lighting Control in Germany

Memorabilia (Frederick Bentham)
"In the mid 1960s it was evident that traditional lighting control methods would not be able to cope with the rapidly approaching era of colour television". The author might have added but didn't "and the ever increasing size of stage installations". He did however go on "...we had the peculiar advantage of knowing very little about conventional lighting control philosophy: In consequence, we were not biased by traditions, and were able to make a first principles assessment of the operational requirements". 
New from Rank Strand (Philip Rose)
I was just a bit dismayed when the editor offered me only three pages to tell you about new products. With more than a dozen items on my list perhaps the easiest way would be to introduce them in the manner of those seasonal shopping guides we see about this time. These potted descriptions, intended to whet the appetite, often end with an invitation to send for more information. I hope my little unveiling act will prompt you to do just that. 

Prometheus Unbound (J.S. Ostoja-Kotkowski)
"Organo ad Libitum or Prometheus Not Yet Unbound" (Tabs, Autumn 1977) gives an interesting insight into the application of light as a form in the field of arts, particularly the possibility of the use of lasers.
Review: The Theatre of Erwin Piscator (Alex de Jonge)
The Theatre of Erwin Piscator. Half a Century of Politics in the theatre.
John Willett. Eyre Methuen £9.95

Shedding Light on School Drama (W.J.Best)
For many years I had vowed that I would have nothing to do with stage lighting. I was strictly a stage sound man and had been since the age of 13 (in the good old days of 78 rpm records, when the mere look of a groove would tell you what was on it, and one could write cues directly onto the discs with a wax pencil!).
Strands of Incandescent Carbon (Brian Legge)
We are approaching the centenary celebrations of Mr. Swan's invention of the incandescent lamp which was patented by Mr. Edison and thus popularly attributed to him. Researches into the recorded events surrounding its earliest use in the theatre have produced some interesting pictures and comment from contemporary journals which suggest that Joseph Swan was the real father of electric stage lighting.
Talking Shop (R.M.Harris)
Some nine years ago, when the author joined Strand most of our sales were dispatched from our Kennington Depot. Then, of course, we moved to Scotland but a much greater change in the pattern of trading has taken place within the last four years. Now a very considerable proportion of our goods are sold 'over the counter' to customers who call and collect. 

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