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TABS: April 1947 [Vol.5 / Issue 1]
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Colour Media
Reduced Range. In view of the present manufacturing difficulties only the following colours of Cinemoid will be available until further notice.
Must We Pay The Author? (Legalite)
Protection against unlawful performances of plays is afforded to dramatic authors by means of copyright. Under the copyright law, an author, in exchange for his or her licence, is entitled to collect a fee for every public performance of a play, whether in its entirety or in the form of excerpts.
Passed to you for Action, Please!
It is desired to draw attention to the fact that the following goods can neither be despatched per post or per passenger train, owing to the inflammable or explosive nature of same.
Penny Plain, Twopence Coloured (Daan can Steldt-)
Letter to the Editor.
The Music Goes Round & Around And It Comes Out... Where?
In spite of the heading of this article and the illustration alongside, this little piece is not intended to be a piece of trumpet blowing on our part. On the other hand, we want to try to explain to you why some of the notes you blow our way go round and around before they can eventually reach the right place.
Theatre Glossary
We have been asked to continue publication of a glossary of stage and theatre terms of which two instalments were issued in 1939.

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