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TABS: December 1946 [Vol.4 / Issue 2]
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"And the Lord Said..." (concluded) (Hilton Edwards)
I have equipped two theatres with Strand Electric plant - the Irish-speaking theatre in Galway, which I helped my partner Michael Macliammoir to create, and which I believe is the only state-subsidised Irish theatre in the world, and our own little Gate Theatre.
10 Little Nigger Boys - a study in the process of elimination
Before the war we manufactured about ten varieties of Magazine equipment to meet varying requirements. We flattered ourselves that we had something to suit almost every condition, but that when not, we could and did turn out something special. Very often that something special found its way into our catalogue - an addition to our ever increasing range.
Ars Martis Comes
Theatre Lighting Department at Head Office has, since the end of the war, undergone a reorganisation of Staff. It is still controlled by Mr. L. G. Applebee (now a member of the Board of Directors) who has as his Chief Technical Assistant Mr. E. Scott Purdie, who, with Mr. Applebee was a member of the Stage Lighting Committee of the International Commission on Illumination held at Holland in 1939.
Boys, Buskins and Braintree (H.M.C.)
It was perhaps force of habit that made the present writer choose a title commencing with three 'B's - a habit born of never finding anything better marked on his homework, when it was distributed by his form master after correction.
Can The Amateur Stage Lay Claim to the Batten? (H.M.C.)
The very word Batten is unusual as it conveys completely different meanings to the stage electrician, the sailor, the carpenter and the weaver. Presumably the word crept into theatrical usage from the piece of wood to which the lamps were fixed.
Colour in the Theatre (No.2) (Frederick Bentham)
In our last issue we touched on the the correct application of colour and experimented with two colour mixing. In the foregoing the further use of filters, gelatines and pigments is discussed and their combination as subtractive colour mixing.
Gainsborough and Garrick
The recent loss at Stratford Town Hall of a Gainsborough portrait of David Garrick (variously estimated as having been worth anything from £25,000 to £40,000), calls to mind that Garrick's stage lighting was by no means always admired by the artist.
It's Not A Convention (B.E.B.)
If you put on a play, your members may say,
That an absence of scenery's right;
But you'll find that the audience won't sit it out
With a similar absence of light.

Manchester Presents (J.T.Watts)
The months of June and July saw two unusual commitments undertaken by the Hire Department in Manchester. The first marked the 750th anniversary of Lichfield Cathedral, and the second the l50th anniversary of Newton, Chambers and Company Limited, the great steel and iron works of Thorncliffe near Sheffield.
Plays for the Amateur Societies (Advert)
Messrs. Samuel French of 26, Southampton Street, W.C.2 advise us that the following are now available for performance by amateur groups:-
Puzzle Corner (C)
Here are two whatsits. We know what the first one is, the job that looks like a bent grease gun.
Stage Managers Must Manage (Percy Corry)
Few amateur stage managers realise the authority - and responsibility - they undertake when they agree to act in that capacity. During the whole period of rehearsal and ending only with those final despairing admonitions as the greying dawn dissipates the dress rehearsal, the producer is in supreme command.
The Hire Department - Is It On The Top Floor? (B.)
No, for you the Hire Department is lower - nearer the ccntre: the kernel in fact, who "doesn't mind if he does" (Sorry ITMA). Provided that you play your part.
The Irish Theatre (Seamus de Burca)
A portly volume could be written on the Irish Theatre in the last fifteen years, and then the prospective author would be left with a mass of matter and data necessitating yet another volume with the subject still not exhausted.
Theatrical Research
We notice with interest the recent appearance of a young contemporary dealing with theatrical research. It is a little quarterly about the size of TABS, edited by Richard Southern and Sybil Rosenfeld, and is called Theatre Notebook. Its scope is confined to the history of the English theatre. Its attitude is scholarly and authoritative and highly informative.

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