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TABS: October 1937 [Vol.1 / Issue 1]
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A New Lantern: Pattern 73
Amongst recent innovations, the Pattern 73 Mirror Spot has deservedly found its place, and in the London theatre is now regarded as almost an essential for Front-of-House lighting.
Introducing Mr. P. Corry
Manager, Strand Electric, Manchester Branch. Actor - Producer - Playwright. Has been closely associated with Amateur Theatre in the Manchester area for more than twenty-five years.
Strand Northern Branch
The opening of the depot may be regarded not merely as a further development of a commercial organisation, but also as a complimentary recognition of the importance of Amateur Theatre in the North. The increasing demand for Strand equipment in both Sales and Hire Departments has made it practicable, as well as desirable, to establish a Branch capable of providing prompt and expert service at minimum cost.

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