UK – Glasgow – O2 ABC

Dates: 1875 – present

1875 – The Diorama
Featuring canvases of historic events

1878 – The Panorama
Added ‘animation’ by making the canvases scroll from side to side.

1885 – Hubners Ice Skating Palace

1888 – The building became one of the first in Glasgow to have electricity

1896 – The first public building in Glasgow to show motion pictures

?date – Hippodrome 
1904 – 1927 Home of Hengler’s Circus, featuring a circus ring with water tank underneath. Films were still shown in the off season. 

1927 – Waldorf Palais Dance Hall
The ground floor became a car park, with the dance hall on the floor above. 

1929 – ABC Cinema “The Regal”
Architect Charles Macnair

Severely damaged in the fire of 15 June 2018, which started in the adjacent Glasgow School of Art. 


Scottish Cinema History