Although many aspects of technical theatre can be dangerous sometimes, it’s worth remembering that pyrotechnics are dangerous all of the time!

  • Always check with the venue administrator that it’s safe for you to use pyrotechnics.
  • Ensure that all scenery and costumes are effectively fireproofed.
  • Follow the manufacturers recommendations for safe distances and heights. It’s imperative that there is plenty of room above the pyrotechnic device’s maximum height before the ceiling surface.
  • Ensure that performers or the audience cannot get too close.
  • Always ensure that the pyrotechnics operator has a clear view of the pyro device, AND the area around it at all times. Do not fire the pyrotechnic if anything or anyone is out of place.
  • The pyrotechnic device must not be fired automatically by any system unless it’s in the hands of training, certified and properly insured professional pyrotechnicians.
  • Never use any home-made pyrotechnic device.
  • Use a cartridge-based pyro system when possible.
  • Always carry out a ‘test firing’ of each type of pyro you plan to use in the show, with all cast and crew present, so that they can see the effect under controlled conditions.
  • If in any doubt, seek advice from local fire authorities or the supplier of your pyrotechnic devices.
  • Only use devices specifically made for indoor theatrical use.
  • Ensure the floor is suitable – some pyrotechnics should not be fired on carpet.
  • Always have a suitable fire extinguisher on hand in the event of any problems.

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