Tim Rice, Benny Andersson and Bjorn Ulvaeus

2018 London Coliseum – 1 May 2018 – 2 June 2018 (Previews from 26 April)
Directed by Tim Rice & Laurence Connor
Choreography by Stephen Mear
Design by Matthew Kinley
Costume Design by Christina Cunningham
Lighting Design by Patrick Woodroffe
Sound Design by Mick Potter
Video Design by Terry Scruby
Conductor: John Rigby / Murray Hipkin
Orchestrations & Arrangements: Anders Eljas

2010 UK Tour

2009 Concert – Royal Albert Hall

1988 – Broadway – Imperial Theatre

(Previews 11 April 1988, Opened 28 April 1998, Closed 25 June 1988)

1986 – Premiere – Prince Edward Theatre, London

(Previews 5 May 1986, Opened 14 May 1986, Closed April 8th 1989)

The Chess Vidiwall – the largest of its type ever constructed in the UK (from LSI, July 1986)

Video Wall

Lighting & Sound International from July 1986 had the following:
Screening Chess
A series of three Philips Vidiwalls provides a giant multi-screen display for the musical ‘Chess’, now playing at the Prince Edward Theatre in London. One of the main features of the show is a large 64-screen version (pictured right) depicting a chessboard, which flies in on steel cables during the performance. It weighs 3.8 tonnes, and the screen shows the moves of chess pieces from famous matches as part of the story and all the TV monitors can combine their images to show one enormous picture of the actors on stage and videos providing background to the events prepared on stage. 
On either side of the stage there are two 32 screen versions of the wall, which show additional close-ups and videos. Supplied and installed by Philips distributors Mediatech, the 64-screen centre-piece is the largest of its type ever constructed in the UK. 
The full 128 screens are supplied with picture information from a bank of six Philips LaserVision players, two video tape recorders, and six TV cameras at stationary positions around the stage. The information from any of these sources is fed through a Philips Matrix Switcher to any of 16 digital image converters, and controlled by a computer designed by Mediatech, and then transferred to any of the TV screens which are arranged in 4 x 2 monitor blocks. The whole event is semi-automatically synched to the directions of the musical conductor, with cue pushes to on-stage action and music scores. 



1984 – Concept Album