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Film/TV Lighting

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Altair  (Strand Lighting
HMI / CID 1200W / 2500W Spotlight
Antares  (Strand Lighting
Apollo Stand  (Strand Lighting
Lightweight stand with 16mm spigot for Redhead
Arturo  (Strand Lighting
Atlas Stand  (Strand Lighting
Bambino  (Strand Lighting
Range of 300W - 10kW Fresnel Spotlights
Barricuda  (Strand Lighting
Telescopic pole system
Blonde (Ianebeam)  (Strand Lighting
Broad  (Strand Lighting
Castor  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
1250/2000/2500W Fresnel Spotlight
Draco  (Strand Lighting  (1993 - )
20kW Tungsten Halogen
Electronic Ballast  (Strand Lighting
Ghost  (Strand Lighting
Giano  (Strand Lighting
Gladiator Stand  (Strand Lighting
Heavy duty steel stand.
Goliath Stand  (Strand Lighting
Hercules Stand  (Strand Lighting
HMI Daylight Fresnel  (Strand Lighting  (1998 - )
Range of Daylight Fresnels for Film / TV use. 
Iadi  (Strand Lighting
Iris Flood  (Strand Lighting  (1978)

1000W/1250W Cyc Flood

Jupiter  (Strand Lighting
Kahouteck  (Strand Lighting
Kobold DLF Focus  (Strand Lighting
Megalux  (Strand Lighting
Hand-held lamp
Mercury  (Strand Lighting
Mini Iris  (Strand Lighting
Mizar  (Strand Lighting  (1982 - 1999)
Molefay  (Mole-Richardson
Multi-lamp luminaire used as an audience blinder or for effects
Obie Light  (Mole-Richardson  (1945 or 1950)
Orion  (Strand Lighting
Groundrow floods for TV cycloramas (625W, 1000W, 1250W lamps)
Pallas  (Strand Lighting
PAR  (Strand Lighting  (1998 - )
Quartzcolor range 200W - 6kW
Pegasus  (Strand Lighting
Pinza  (Strand Lighting
Clamp light. 500W ES lampholder.
Polaris  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
Pollux  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
Pulsar  (Strand Lighting
Mini Redhead, 650W 240V or 250W 30V
Quasar  (Strand Lighting
Redhead (Ianebeam)  (Strand Lighting
800W Open-Faced Floodlight
Reporterlight  (Strand Lighting
Daylight battery-powered handheld lamp, made by Kobold
Samson Stand  (Strand Lighting
Shaula  (Strand Lighting
Silver Bullet  (Strand Lighting
Sirio  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
Spartan Stand  (Strand Lighting
Alloy stand with 16mm spigot for Redhead
Studio  (Strand Lighting  (1999 - )
Tungsten Fresnels
Supernova  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
2500W/1200W & 4000W/2500W Daylight Fresnels
SuperQuasar / Super Quasar  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
Trojan  (Strand Lighting
Vega  (Strand Lighting  (to 1999)
Videolux  (Strand Lighting  (1995 - ?)
Low Energy Fill