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Architectural Luminaires

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Accent  (Selecon
Range of 12V display luminaires
Architectural Downlights  (Strand Lighting
Range of recessed downlights which require remote transformers.
Architectural SL  (Strand Lighting  (2000 - )
Range using CDM lamps with 8000 hour lamp life
Architectural Spotlights  (Strand Lighting
Range of open-faced spotlights which require remote transformers.
Astral  (Selecon
Range of architectural and display lighting (non-dimmable)
Exterior 1200 Image Projector  (Martin  (2008)
Exterior 1200 Wash  (Martin  (2006)
Exterior 200  (Martin  (2001)
Exterior 200 LED  (Martin  (2007)
Exterior 600  (Martin  (1998)
Helios  (CCT Lighting
150W discharge lamps in floodlights, fresnel & profile spotlights. 
Hilite  (Strand Lighting
Metal Halide architectural luminaires. Fresnel and Profile available.
Inground 200  (Martin  (2004)
Lamp Troughing  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Magazine Cornice Lighting  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Mini-Floodlight  (Strand Lighting
Miniature cyclorama-style floodlight. Uses 150W T3 Q/CL lamp.
Mini-Fresnel  (Strand Lighting  (1974?)
12V 100W with integral (or external) transformer.
Mini-Profile  (Strand Lighting  (1974?)
12V 100W with integral (or external) transformer.
Mini-Punchlite  (Strand Lighting
Miniature version of Strand's Punchlite designed for use with a 50W 12V dichroic tungsten halogen lamp, and suitable for use with Strand Architectural Dimmers. 
Minispot  (Strand Lighting
Shop Window Floods  (Strand Lighting  (1945)
Slimled 150 3G  (Ayrton  (2009)
Adjustable angle wall wash luminaire - free-standing.