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A77 Tape Recorder/Player  (Revox  (1967-1977)
AudioFire  (Echo  (2005?)
Sound Card
B77 Tape Recorder/Player  (Revox  (1977-1998)
Cart Machine  (Sonifex
CDJ500S  (Pioneer
CD deck for DJs
CS300D Turntable  (Citronic  (1985)
DN-990R MiniDisk Deck  (Denon
Cart-style MiniDisk player/recorder
Gina  (Echo
Layla  (Echo
Panatrope  (Bishop Sound and Electrical Company
Sound effects playback
Portastudio  (Tascam
S1000 Sampler  (Akai  (1988)
Sound Console  (Strand
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