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Alpha Beam 300  (Clay Paky  (2008)
Alpha Profile 700  (Clay Paky  (2010)
Best Boy  (PRG  (2012)
A range of full-featured moving lights.
Coemar Robot 250SN  (Coemar  (1986 - ?)
More information to follow
CP Color  (Clay Paky  (2001)
Cyberlight  (High End Systems  (1994)
Moving mirror fixture
Display Line  (Clay Paky  (1997)
DL.1  (High End Systems  (2003)
Digital Light Engine
DL.2  (High End Systems  (2004)
Digital Light Engine
DL.3  (High End Systems  (2008)
Higher output and new features. 
Eyecolor  (Ayrton  (2003 )
Golden Scan  (Clay Paky  (1988)
Moving mirror projector - the first to use stepper motors instead of servo motors. 
Golden Scan 2  (Clay Paky  (1990?)
Golden Scan 3  (Clay Paky  (1993)
Golden Scan HPE  (Clay Paky  (1995)
Hyperbeam  (Strand Lighting  (1995 - ?)
Hyperbeam 1200 / Hyperbeam 1288 - Automated Spotlight
Intellabeam  (High End Systems  (1990)
Moving Mirror fixture.
Litescan - Showchangers  (Strand Lighting
400W HTI moving profile
MAC 101  (Martin  (2010)
MAC 1200  (Martin  (1996)
Moving head
MAC 2000 Family  (Martin  (2000)
Mac 250 Entour  (Martin  (2003)
The MAC 250 Entour is a brilliant, feature rich profile with two gobo wheels, a color wheel, dimmer, shutter, prism and focus. Superior optics and an extremely user friendly construction make it ideal for the rigors of today's rental market.
Mac 250 Profile  (Martin  (1998)
Mac 250 Wash  (Martin
The MAC 250 Wash is a powerful yet compact and remarkably efficient wash light with extraordinarily fast and quiet movement, a variable frost filter for zoom effect and a CMY color mixing system with a complimenting color wheel.
MAC 350 Entour  (Martin  (2010)
MAC 401 Dual RGB Zoom  (Martin  (2009)
Mac 500 Profile  (Martin  (1997)
MAC 550  (Martin  (2003)
Mac 600  (Martin  (1997)
Moving head wash light
MAC 700 Profile  (Martin  (2005)
The MAC 700 Profile is a compact, powerful fixture with an output and optical precision beyond its peers. It combines a full CMY color mixing system with an 8-position color wheel and a patented gobo animation system for subtle or dramatic effects. It also features rotating gobos, fixed gobos, iris, zoom system and rotating prism.
MAC Aura  (Martin  (2011)
MAC Axiom  (Martin  (2016)
MAC III Family  (Martin  (2008)
MAC Quantum Profile  (Martin  (2014)
MAC Quantum Wash  (Martin  (2013)
Mac TW1  (Martin  (2005-2015)
The MAC TW1 is a powerful, silent tungsten wash light with a clean, even, soft-edged beam, a motorized zoom, exceptional and rich CMY color mixing and can be run from the built-in dimmer or from an external dimmer.
MAC Viper Family  (Martin  (2012)
Mini Scan  (Clay Paky  (1990)
Mini Scan HPE  (Clay Paky  (1997)
MiniMAC  (Martin  (1999)
Miniature moving head
MX Series  (Martin  (1999)
Moving mirror
MX-10  (Martin  (2002)
PAL 1200  (Martin  (1995)
Moving mirror
PALS  (Strand Lighting  (1987 - ?)
Precision Automated Lighting System
Parscan / Parscan 2  (Strand Lighting
Automated Parcan
Pin Scan  (Clay Paky  (1992)
Pirouette  (Strand Lighting  (1996 - ?2002)
Automated Wash Light
RoboScan 1004  (Martin  (1989)
RoboScan 805  (Martin  (1990)
RoboScan 812  (Martin  (1994)
Moving mirror
RoboScan Pro 1220  (Martin  (1992)
RoboScan Pro 218  (Martin  (1992)
RoboScan Pro 518  (Martin  (1994)
Moving mirror
RoboScan Pro 918  (Martin  (1998)
Moving mirror
Sharpy  (Clay Paky  (2010)
SHOWGUN  (High End Systems  (2007)
Hybrid automated luminaire with hard-edge and soft-edge wash beams
SHOWGUN 2.5  (High End Systems  (2008)
30% more light output than SHOWGUN
Showpix  (High End Systems  (2008)
LED moving wash light - Pixelation Luminaire
SmartMAC  (Martin  (2007)
SolaSpot 2000  (High End Systems  (2016)
Automated spot luminaire - LED
SolaSpot Pro 1500  (High End Systems  (2015)
Automated spot luminaire - LED
SolaSpot Pro CMY  (High End Systems  (2013)
All-LED lighting product - bright white LED engine and High End Systems dichroic filters
Source Four Revolution  (Electronic Theatre Controls / ETC
Stage Color 300  (Clay Paky  (1998)
Stage Line  (Clay Paky  (1998)
A range of 6 moving body projectors using from 300W to 1200W
Stage Profile Plus SV  (Clay Paky  (2002)
Stage Scan  (Clay Paky  (1997)
Studio Color 575  (High End Systems  (1996)
Moving head wash fixture
Studio Command 1200  (High End Systems  (2006)
Automated wash luminaire
Studio Command 700  (High End Systems  (2005)
Automated wash luminaire
Studio Command H  (High End Systems  (2006)
Halogen version
Studio Spot 575  (High End Systems  (1997)
Hard-edged moving head fixture
StudioPix  (High End Systems  (2008)
LED moving wash light - Pixelation Luminaire (Smaller than Showpix)
Super Scan  (Clay Paky  (1990)
Super Scan Zoom  (Clay Paky  (1994)
Trackspot  (High End Systems  (1992)
Moving Mirror fixture.
VIP 300  (Clay Paky  (1997)
VL1  (Vari*Lite  (1981-1984)
First moving light
VL1000 ERS  (Vari*Lite  (2002)
Fully automated Ellipsoidal Reflector Spotlight. 
VL2  (Vari*Lite  (1986 - 1991)
Series 200 - Spot Luminaire
VL3  (Vari*Lite  (1986 - 1991)
Series 200 Wash Luminaire
VL3500  (Vari*Lite  (2004 - )
Wash, Wash FX and Spot luminaire (Series 3000)
VL4  (Vari*Lite  (1991 - 1992)
Wash luminaire
VL4000  (Vari*Lite
VL5  (Vari*Lite  (1992 - 1994)
Series 300 Wash luminaire
VL6 / VL6B  (Vari*Lite  (1994)
Series 300 Spot Luminaire
VL7 / VL7B  (Vari*Lite  (1997-1998)
Series 300 Spot luminaire
VLM  (Vari*Lite
Moving Mirror - Series 300
x.Spot / x.Spot Extreme  (High End Systems  (2001)