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REDD.37  (EMI  (1958)
Known as the Beatles console, only three of this console were built. 
REDD.51  (EMI  (1964)
Libra  (Helios Electronics  (1977)
Modular highly-configurable analogue theatre sound desk
A-Type  (Cadac  (1980s)
TAC Scorpion  (Amek  (1984)
TAC stands for Total Audio Concepts
Disteq  (D&R Mixing Consoles  (1988)
Rack mount mixer
K1  (Soundcraft  (1994)
RCS1602 Mixer  (Ross Systems  (1994)
02R  (Yamaha  (1995)
GL3000  (Allen & Heath  (1996)
K2  (Soundcraft  (1996)
Quantum 338  (Digico  (2020)